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Your guide to teaching with Leading Languages

Welcome tutors and  congratulations.

We want you to know that not everyone that applies to tutor with us is successful. We have built a credible reputation with schools, parents and students and we want to maintain that. So thank you for choosing to be part of that.

Now on this page you will find the things that you need to start tutoring with Leading Languages. We will update this page as we continue to migrate our website information to our new server,  so if you get a message from us in your tutor dashboard, to go the Tutors Guide, that will mean that you come here.

Please follow the 3 step process to tutoring with Leading Languages.


Ensure that you have successfully registered with
Leading Languages.
Once we have received and assessed your application and documents we will activate your Tutor Dashboard.
If we have not recieved all documents as requested we cannot activate your account.


Complete the 1hr onboarding training which will be activated in your Tutor account. You can access this through your tutor Dashboard. You will also receive an email, inviting you to take this training.


Create your online camps and classes. Select your first camp to start in 14 days. This is so we can add it to our marketing schedules.

Please note that is is a requirement of tutoring with Leading Languages to create camps and classes.

You can contact us from within your Tutor Dashboard once it is activated or by completing the form below.

Tutor support

If you need help or support with something, please get in touch with us through our Tutor Communication portal

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