Firstly – congratulations because we don’t accept anyone and everyone to tutor with Leading Languages.

So what are the next steps?

  1. Go and register as one of tutor Instructors.

2. Login to your Tutor Instructor account and Edit your Tutor Profile. Remember this is what all students and parents will see so make it as exciting as possible.

Please make sure that your background is a clear white background.

3. Once you have done this you will have access to your virtual training on how to create your Online classes and camps with Leading Languages.

Remember that:

4. Now that you have a better idea of what you will be teaching. Please record a video no more than 3.5 minutes long. This video will be used for marketing purposes by Leading Languages. In this video please ensure:

a) Your personal presentation is professional. Your background is in your virtual classroom – please ensure the background is tidy and relevant to your future campers and students.

b) That you briefly introduce yourself and your qualifications and experience.

c) Give an example of the types of things students can learn with you, for example you could teach new words of demonstrate part of your lesson. Remember to make it exciting and relevant.

Know that curiosity and what and how you teach will be helpful in acquiring new students.

5. When it is time to teach your classes, log back in and you will be given access to our online virtual classroom where you can teach your lessons.

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