How much your classes and lessons costs with Leading Languages depends mainly on two  factors.

  • The type of class.
  • Where it is held. (currently we are only offering online classes)

We provide online classes in small groups, online private 1-1 tuition and also we provide Academy trusts with language classes and language clubs.

Group classes for online tutoring

Group classes are more budget friendly and can have anything from 2-8 children in a class of the same / similar age and / or ability.

Online, group classes with Leading Languages are a great way for children to have more fun learning online in a class environment with other students of the same, similar skill level. They are also a great way for students to trial out some of our great tutors before booking them on a 1-1.

Group classes are managed via a monthly membership which is why some online camp classes have a little medal in gold referring to members.

Group classes are paid for monthly and start at £28 per month per child. You can cancel at anytime. Membership is on a rolling contract unless you cancel . Cancellation is simple – just let us know via email  at:

Group prices for online tutoring

From £28 per month - 30 min class

From £35 per month - 45 min class

From £40 per month - 60 min class

1-1 classes for online tutoring

If 1-1 tutoring is what you are looking for our tutors can also help with that too. All our online tutors go through progressive checks to ensure that they are suitable for teaching. Please see our prices below for more information.

1-1 prices for online tutoring

From £40 per hour - 1 class

From £38 per hour - 10 classes

From £35 per hour - 20 classes +

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Leading Languages will lead you into enjoying learning quite possibly for life. Choose either a private 1-1 lesson or join one of our online camp lessons.

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