Surviving a holiday in France!

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Would you like to focus on just improving your spoken French? Do you have a holiday booked to France? Why not join me and have some fun whilst practising lots of transactional vocabulary essential for a confidence boost.

This is a bespoke course designed to review transactional language and to be able to introduce yourself confidently to a French person, express yourself correctly, order food and to even deal with an emergency situation in France. This course focuses on improving your spoken language if you have a holiday booked to France.

This course is designed for pupils ages 10 years old and above. This course is an online camp focused on improving the skill of speaking.

Like all online camps with Leading Languages, every single participant receives a Certificate and earns loyalty bonus points which can be traded in for lessons!! Genial!

This is a group online camp, with children aged 10 years and above with me Holly.

All children are required to have their cameras on for identification purposes.

Introducing yourself to a French person.
Expressing your likes and dislikes.
Ordering from a French menu in a French Restaurant.
Exploring things to do and places to visit.
Dealing with an emergency situation in France.
This bespoke course can be tailored to more intermediate speakers looking to review their French.

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