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Beginners Spanish!

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Duration: 3rd - 23rd August. 11am-12pm.
Lectures: 5
Level: Beginner

Have you ever wanted to study Spanish from comfort of your own home? Are you up for a challenge and having a bit of fun? This course is designed for children from 10 years old and upwards.

Games, speaking activities and work-sheets are some of the things that I will be offering if you’re serious about wanting to improve all four skills in Spanish. If you are new to Spanish or haven’t done it before then come and give this online Spanish camp a go.

This course puts a strong emphasis on fun, assessment for learning and I aim to motivate pupils through exciting starters, plenaries and thinking skills. Pupils will be taught cultural elements as well as having a focus on grammar and pronunciation. Games, interaction and working together will be part of this course.

Like all online camps with Leading Languages, every single participant receives a Certificate and earns loyalty bonus points which can be traded in for lessons!! Genial!

Welcome- this is an online camp run by myself Holly.

All children are required to have their cameras on for identification purposes.


Introducing yourself and getting used to Spanish pronunciation.
Counting up to 31 and giving your age.
Reviewing numbers 1-31 and saying when your birthday is.
Learning about Spanish speaking countries.
Learning the Spanish alphabet and describing what is in your bag.
I will teach 5 live lessons (1-2 per week) depending on your preferences and I will assign tasks for you to complete after the lesson has finished ready to go over in the following lesson. Tasks are designed to reinforce the content learned in the lesson.
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