Things kids can do during COVID-19 ...

Parents, it is time to finally relax! Has the burn out of school’s being shut down dwindled yet?¬† Are you wondering what you can do next with your small brood whilst the world is in Covid Shutdown? Well you can now relax – Leading Languages is here.
We are shall soon be releasing the opportunity to book from a selection of mini lessons for your child from a range of subjects with some of the best and the most FUN teachers on the planet.
All classes are online and because we know sociability is a big issue that everyone is suffering from right now – the lessons are group lessons of up to 8 children, all having fun together, learning online with wonderful tutors.
So your kids not being able to see their friends right now is going to be helped hugely. And guess what, if your child brings along a paying friend to the online lesson, you get 20% off any future private online lessons with any Leading Languages tutors – BONUS!!
So while the world stops in some ways for a moment let the learning and education continue whilst your children make new friends  in a secure, online, fun lesson with our professionally vetted tutors. 
Sign up today to get notified of the new classes ….

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