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Online group classes


Online learning is not new to Leading Languages or our students but if it is to you – no problem, we would love to open the doorway to virtual learning for you. So let’s start by explaining what it is.

Leading Languages

ONLINE LEARNING is simply taking your online classes via a computer or device connected to the Internet. The class is a virtual classroom, so with Leading Languages you will be working in ‘real time’ with a ‘real tutor’ and other students of a similar age as yourself. We do also have 1-1, online classes too. In our group classes we teach students from pre-school years of age right up to adults, so learning with Leading Languages is progressive, educational and fun. 

THE ONLINE CLASSROOM is similar to that of a classroom in a school environment in the sense that the student can see the teacher and vice versa, can write and interact with the teacher and other students and can work through any materials or resources in the lesson.

GROUP CLASSES V 1-1 CLASSES – What is the difference between group and 1-1 classes with Leading Languages? The only difference really is in class size and cost. Group classes are priced at a lower amount and give students the opportunity to work together in pairs or small groups under the supervision of the tutor whereas 1-1 classes are just one student and teacher. They are priced more than a group class but also allow students to work closely on given areas with our experienced tutors.

GROUP  CLASSES  IN COVID-19 – What Leading Languages has observed more than anything with students currently during COVID-19 is that students are missing seeing their friends and classmates so group classes are ideal to keep students, connected in an educational setting whilst still working on their education. As parents we are know that the Netflix and pizza mission has run it’s course now for with students being in Lockdown all over the world for several weeks and we also know that some parents will be pleased that Netflix and pizza is off the menu for a while but what should not stop is a child’s learning and educational routines. Schools will reopen, students will return and exams will be necessary next year so the best option is to get really well prepared for that.

We have a selection of group classes starting from just £8 per student in group sizes of no more than 10 students. We also have a wide and varied selection of mini courses where students can sign up for 3 lessons for £21. Our mini courses are very popular and we have them in everything from Learn French with Baguette Bear all the way up to Exam prep for grammar school and even Video making for Professionals to be …. We have a lot more lessons and mini courses from experienced tutors from all over the world.


Our online camps are groups of consecutive classes held online via our platform. Your child can attend our online camps and be given the title of ‘camper’!! What fun – hey?

Campers will be able to message their tutor directly and also have access to a private forum, within our platform with other ‘campers’ on their camp. The more camps your child attends the more points they get. Completing assignments and just participating and signing up for a camp earns them points. The best part for parents!!!! Campers can exchange points for payment of future camps and classes with Leading Languages.


Generally just a computer with mic and camera. All children are required to have their cameras on for two reasons: 1) Safeguarding and 2) To fully enjoy the learning experience.

However tutors will list in the course overview what will be required in addition to the above if required.

All lessons are recorded and stored for up to two years. You can find out more about our terms and conditions here.

All of tutors are professionally vetted by us and have been police checked (DBS). All our tutors are professionals and specialists of what classes they teach.


Camps are anything from 3 weeks to ongoing – some students we have been teaching for over five years.


It’s very simple. Register on the site and start searching the camps that your child would like to attend. Select, pay and attend.

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