Why teach with Leading Languages?

Firstly because we are a trusted brand. Leading Languages is not a ‘new’ business, we were formerly known as Club On Y va but when we became Independent Publishers in addition to other industry sectors we are known in, we rebranded.

  • We have been working with schools, parents and students for over six years.
  • We have a number of educational brands.
  • We take the guess work out of looking for students for self employed tutors.
  • Working with Leading Languages gives you the opportunity to work with a growing and recognised educational brands.
  • You can earn more per hour as you are teaching small groups and classes.
  • You can build a loyal following of wonderful and willing learners.
  • Have access to our growing community of learners and gain new students.
  • Get paid easily via paypal.
  • Teach via our fully Interactive platform – all you need is a laptop, mic and headset.
  • Enjoy teaching more with the resources and lesson plans that you create.
  • Choose your own schedule.
  • Set your own teaching rate.

What can I teach?

Leading Languages is more than just a tutoring platform. We want to allow students to explore the rich variety of language learning available today with inspiring teachers. This is not a ‘tutor listing’ website where you post your profile and that’s it. We actively market our tutors, classes and camps, Internationally.

At Leading Languages, we want teachers to be inspired by their students and vice versa which is why when you teach with Leading Languages, you are given the opportunity to create the most engaging and interesting lessons possible. Learners also engage in our private learners community with other learners. The community at Leading Languages is very important which is why we vet our tutors. Those tutors that are actively providing a great learning expereince and are behaving in a manner that we consider to be professional and inspiring to our learning community can be invited to experience some of our other projects.

If you are approved to teach with Leading Languages you will have access to create your lessons and camps. Within your special tutor access dashboard, you can also set and receive assignments and provide your ‘campers’ with extra resources through our bespoke platform to enhance your lessons, making them truly memorable so that students and ‘campers’ can continue their learning with you.

What qualifications do I need to have?

Tutors are not required to have teaching qualifications but they are required to have criminal records checks as well as being knowledgeable in their subject area. Please ensure you include yours with your CV if you decide to teach with Leading Languages. However if it is reported or we discover that tutors are not teaching adequately or professionally we will remove that tutor from our platform.

Our learners are from the age of 4 yrs plus and we welcome the teaching of all languages and subjects that relate to the learning and the culture of language learning.

Learners that come to Leading Languages are looking for interesting, creative and professional language lessons and online camps. It is important that teachers create lessons and camps that fulfil this criteria.

Camps are small groups of classes with the same learners that take place over a period of time. Anything from 3 consecutive lessons plus is a camp.

Camps need to have specific learning objectives which are to be detailed in the camp overview when you are creating them.

Can I use Leading Languages to promote my classes elsewhere?

No, this is not allowed. All classes and students of Leading Languages must be taught through the Leading Languages website and platform.

What do we expect from tutors?

  • We expect tutors to be professional and knowledgable in the subject that they are teaching.
  • We expect tutors to perform their classes with professional clothing that is clean and appropriate for the class and the students.
  • Tutors are expected to use devices, equipment and props that are fit  for purpose and are relevant to the classes that they are teaching.
  • Tutors are expected to perform classes in quiet and relevant environments. Teaching in the car, walking around when teaching, using your phone, eating, drinking or smoking are obviously prohibited. 
  • When you tutor with Leading Languages you are representing our brands. Parents, students and our admin team navigate freely on Social media just as tutors do, so we expect tutors to be mindful of that and to act and behave accordingly. Inappropriate, offensive, rude and unprofessional behaviours from a tutor on Social media or otherwise would not fit the professional calibre that Leading Languages represents.

How much can I earn with Leading Languages?

That will depend entirely on how much you want to teach, how much you want to charge and how engaging your lessons are. Leading Languages takes a service fee of 20% of all paid enrolments.

Payments to tutors is done via paypal after your first class or camp has started and tutors will be paid weekly. All tutors are responsible for their own tax in your given country. Learners are encouraged to leave feedback on their lessons which is also very useful for potential new students. 

Students are not given a selection of irrelevant tag words to review their lessons, instead they are invited to create their own review in their own words. Only students that have taken your classes and camps can leave reviews. How do I start?

To make an application to teach with Leading Languages, please complete the online application.