Face Masks at school - what you need to know

face masks at school

Face masks at school, who would have thought that we would ever be writing about this when thinking of the Back to school, school Uniform for September, but here we all are.

And that is really the notion we are all in this together, children’s parents, teachers, cleaners, school dinner people and anyone else that works in schools. 

But what is going to happen in September when the kids go back to school and does your child have to wear a mask? We know many parents and students will be concerned about this and possibly confused so we hope this post will help.

The rules


The rules that have been passed regarding face masks is that from the 8th August 2020 in the UK, everybody must wear a face covering when they come into contact with people that they don’t normally see and this rule applies to anyone over the age of 11, so this will also include secondary school pupils. However the schools minister, Mr Gibb has said that this will not apply to secondary school children as in school they will be coming into contact with the same pupils and teachers. But children just like adults must continue to wear face coverings or face masks on public transport, cinemas, shops, galleries and places of worship or anywhere in the public that is an enclosed space.

Face masks - what should your child wear?

Obviously what face mask your child chooses to wear is up to personal choice but we have found just like you that there has been a lot of conflicting information out there for face masks. 

Whilst homemade and DIY masks are obviously better than nothing are  they doing the job?

Well we took advice from facemaskmasks.co.uk who are a British online face mask provider of PPE  and they found that many people that have made homemade masks or even bought homemade face masks have done so on their visual attraction. Meaning that people have bought them because they liked the design. 

Whereas many health  officials state that any mask will reduce the spread and possibly protect the wearer from droplets, masks that have been fabricated from certain weaves of cotton or other fabrics to make them breathable but still strong, along with changeable PM2.5 Filters are possibly a better choice. However  it is everyones choice to decide what they wish to wear.

But facemaskmasks.co.uk highlight the benefits of their masks.

  1. The masks are made from multi layered cotton fabrics specifically for face mask protection.
  2. Their children’s masks have invisible nose bridges so they don’t slip down all the time and loosen making the mask ineffective.
  3. Their masks have 3 layers of automatic valve and an additional micro filter.
  4. Before reaching the additional carbon filter, filter which is found in an internal pocket of the mask.
  5. All their masks are washable and reusable thus saving PPE for medical staff.
  6. Any masks bought using the special Leading Languages code: STAYSAFE20 get 10% off all children’s masks.
face masks

So hopefully this information will be useful for parents in knwoing how they can continue protecting their child in these uncertain times. But we must finish by saying that amidst all the mask wearing, we must not forget to wash our hands. And for those of you that are singing along as you do what’s your favourite song to sing along to? Let us know in the comments.

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