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Online classes for kids

TRY OUR ONLINE GROUP CLASSES  No Comments ONLINE CLASSES WITH LEADING LANGUAGES Online learning is not new to Leading Languages or our students but if it is to you – […]


learn another language before the age of five

WHY ALL CHILDREN SHOULD LEARN A FOREIGN LANGUAGE … If you have ever thought that a child learning another language as well as their own from a very young age is nonsense! You need to read this …

Face masks at school

face masks at school

Face masks at school – School after Covid. Find out what you need to know and how you can help your child better ajust.

Leading Languages Online Summer school

Worried about the amount of school your child has missed this year? Concerned over their future education and GCSEs? Change that with a Leading Languages Summer camp, online.

Private Spanish tutor Lucia

Want to speak Spanish like a native! Then you will want to tantalise your linguistic taste buds with Spanish lessons with our native tutor Lucia.